reposting again as need expert advice on it.

Hi, my subserous uterine fibroid size is 7 cm post delivery - April 2016. at the time of pregnancy it was 8 cm - April 2015 . it has hardly reduced I would like to know is the surgery only alternative and if yes how long can I wait before going for surgery.i am currently taking homeopathy med from dr Meenakshi for it but this time i had serious problems with my cycle too .Also In case if there are some other alternatives pls guide

this fibroid is hormone dependent mostly , so as yor period cycles continue it wud b there , n wud shrink in size after menopause.
surgery is not the only option for it.
there r alternate modes of treatment.
homoeopathic with my personal experience I can say gives good results .
ayurvedic also has treatment for fibroids as I kno.
u can go for either of these u prefer.

the size u r describing wud take anything between 1-2 yrs for it to go completely.
but difference in size wud start appearing from 4-6 month onwards

ok Dr thanks for replying.

fiber diet is best, remove all oily and spices from your Diet.... my sub.Fibroid was 4 cm on my c-sec dunno post pregnancy size but I'm formula feeding so I don't worry abt my diet

Hi since last year I m taking homeopathy med but to my surprise the size has gone up to 10 cm today's report as compare to April 2016 when it was 7 cm feeling really upset . has any body exprience similar kind of situation. looking forward to other best solution.