Hey just checking in on our new moms nancy singh Shiny Vincent Aashi Nayyar Laxmi Shankar Shruthi Prem Nasreen Mansoor Jyoti Pooja (pls tag others!!!)

How are u doing? How is baby settling in?

Can we help u with anything at all? Do u need info on breastfeeding, colic, why babies cry, how to put baby to sleep, green potty or anything else?

We are all here for YOU!

mucho love! get some rest when u can and pls update us!

Hi Asha..
How r u??
how is ur angel??
im gd but sometimes facing sleepless nights n having tough time n cuz of this back is hurting very badly😢😢😢
and my baby is fine n doing gd from mrng to evng..
bt from evening he gets so cranky n cries tio nyt..smtyms he keeps crying till 2am-3am..
he cries a lot pee n fart..
i tried massaging his tummy..
give him colic aid
bt still he cries on top of his voice..
he refuses to take feed n stays hungry
dunno wat to do??
and I'm worried how long its gonna continue
plzz help me out

Sheeba Vijesh Sumira Bhatia Sonam patel Harneet Khurana pls help

4 effective tips to calm down a baby troubled with colic!

Nasreen Mansoor pls read the articles i m sharing

14 Things That Affect Baby Sleep (And Ruin Your Night)

Getting to the Bottom of Why your Baby doesn’t Sleep!

5 Steps To Sleep Training Success

hv u tried rubbing hing on navel?

hie nasreen as u told that your baby is fine from morning to evening n after that he cries so ths means she has colic.. ths will go on for frst three months dear..  burp him properly after every feed, hold him upright for 15 min aftr every feed..  giv him leg massage in circular motion..  tc dear.. 
colic aid should b given as per weight n age of baby so u can ask doc for perfect measurement

all the best to you !! 💞

Nasreen Mansoor read this for the aching backhttp://app.babychakra.com/feedpost/6901. also give baby tummy time too... more power to the new moms...

thank u so much.. yes help needed ... my 45 days baby does not sleep for more than 15 mins... please help me... i am sleep deprived with him....

oh that's so sweet of u asha chaudhry
yeah me nd my baby both r doing well. baby is sleeping well eating well growing well. all thanks to baby chakra nd mons like u who r always there for us to help us out.
thank u so much😊

so glad to know Pooja ! pls keep updating us!

Nasreen Mansoor moms have given you good advices... all the best.. baby will settle well... and sleep whenever the baby sleeps

Jyoti every time baby wakes up in 15 mins?

as soon as i get him to bed he wakes up. in my godi he sleeps for long. but i dont want to make him habitual of my godi.

not even during the day? Jyoti baby's so stay awake in the during in the beginning but do sleep in the nights . . does your baby sleep after maalish and bath?

Jyoti so you can try some tricks... let the baby go into deep sleep then put the baby down... roll a towel or blanket or you can even use a small pillow... put it near the bums... baby will feel that some one is with her... This might help... try it.

Sumira Bhatia Sonam patel yes after malish and bath he cries to sleeps and sleeps also but then when i put him on bed and leave the room, he wakes up in 15-20 mins. then i have to again make him sleep which is a long process again.

my baby would also be like that, he was a very light sleeper too. baby will settle by three months. meanwhile get someone to help you out dear. and do not accustom baby to sleeping in lap. also ensure that baby is well fed, if baby sleeps while feeding, awaken baby to complete the feed.

Jyoti hopefully things will settle down for you soon . . Uday also used to wake up midnight and not sleep the entire night until late evening but then he became better after he was about a month and a half or two . . keep going !!

awww so sweet asha chaudhry.   my baby isnt latching properly plus due to stiches i am unable to feed her time to time. i am worried if she will enjoy breast feeding later ?

pls hang in there nancy singh sharing lots of breastfeeding techniques wth u

Breastfeeding: The Basics

Your Breastfeeding FAQs Answered!

FAQs on Breastfeeding Positions

Top Breastfeeding Myths

Your Guide To Latching And Breastfeeding Positions!

Harneet Khurana has a very good latching chart nancy. baby will learn how to latch soon. u two will be fine. tc. keep updating or asking q's. much love to u nancy singh !

Thanks a lot😘😘😘momma's
asha chaudhry
Dhara Popat
Sumira Bhatia
Sheeba Vijesh
Sonam patel

Nasreen Mansoor for back pain u can have "gond ki raab" its really healthy to have during breast feeding stage.  it helps to heal back pain and for stronger bones.  i had this raab for 6 months after my c section. 

Hi Di, thanks for this post, I just posted about the same few minutes ago that I was not able to stop by baby chakra after the arrival of baby, first thing parents were not allowing me to use phone much said it's not good, unka dil rakhne k liye manna padta hai.
Baby is kind of settling in but my concern is
1.she takes feed only for 10mints and that too not from both sides at one time, I try to wake her up but she falls asleep and sleeps for almost 2 to 2.5hrs peacefully then she wake up or else I wake her up.
2. second is sometimes she cry her lungs out while doing susu potty I don't understand why, took her to doctor for the regular visit he said baby is doing fine there's no problem with her, but then why she cry like that while doing potty. I can't see that and ahe calms down once I pick her up.

hey Shiny Vincent good to know that you are doing great. your concerns are all normal.you need not feed both breasts in one feed, its fine to just alternate in feeds. try to tickle under feet or chin to wake baby up.  its also normal to cry when the unfamiliar feeling off urge to pee and poop comes up. for babies it is all very bew, they can't understand why its happening. baby will settle... take care dear

Oh Thank u so much Sheeba Di, much relieved now. also the concern was everyone says to feed from both the sides at once but she sleeps and I try to wake her up and then again she takes it and then falls asleep and I always try to burp her she does that too. and about the pee and poop I thought something must be hurting her. thanks anyways Di for clarifying. 😘😊

hugs Shiny Vincent ! everything is normal for new borns as sheeba just mentioned. her advice weighs in gold :) so do ping here whenever u need to. do let ur parents knw sometimes u need to ask stuff on the app. am sure they'll understand. and ur q's too are perfect for a new mom. we all went thru this. much love. tc

Thanks alot asha Di, hugs to u as well.... will surely ask whatever and whenever I'm stuck at anything 😘😘. love u all.

my pleasure Shiny Vincent, and yes, do ask any queries here, we are all here.... love and hugs... 😘

Hey darling asha :) it's been very long time.. Loads of notifications I missed it..
First how are u :) hope ur daughter is doing great.
Am fine and baby is good :) he sleeps during day time n doing full time night duty.. Thanks to my mum.. We never I sleep she takes him to hall n keep putting him sleep n she wakes only for feeding.  Sleep deprived as expected :)
Breastfeeding am doing it by demand only  is it fine?
He is awake during night any idea to put him sleep?? I have not started putting him on cradle I feel he is left alone.. So I'll put him on his bed n keep next to me..
From when baby will change their timing?
Can I eat CHYAWANPRASH during breastfeeding???
Thanks a lot for remembering and it's so sweet of you😘❤️

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