I m a mother of 1 month old baby n me both have got cold and cough. we both r sneezing and coughing..what should I do

keep ajwain potli close to baby... u can drink turmeric milk...

I was in the exact same place a while ago. The baby and you will keep passing the germs to each other. Make sure you both are treated at the same time. Constant steaming will help. Gargle, sipping on warm water for you will help. I wore a surgeon mask so avoid spreading germs

Breastfeed u will pass antibodies, my baby never caught cold when I had cold..add few drops of eucalyptus oil to his bathing water..If u eat eggs have boiled eggs it works for me

thank u all ..for ur valuable suggestions..

Wish you both a fast recovery

all ur suggestions were very effective super moms.....v both r fine nw...