hiee can i have folic acid during my periods , (im trying to conceive )

Hi Parul!!!! You can. Has dr advised you folic?

yes she said for three months  but,, now its 4th month starting i didnt conceive so im taking it untill i conceive.
i read a lot about it on Internet so im taking it deliberately!

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr Mamta Goel

Sumira Bhatia Neha Sharma Shipra Dang asha chaudhry

yes you can take it issues

yes I was told no problem

Thankyou Priya Sood and Dr Mamta Goel

Thankyou Sumira Bhatia

i had thyroid. before planning to conceive i had taken this med regularly for 6 months.

yup.. please have it.. it will benefit you..