most mothers may go through the same, my whole day literally revolves around my baby..I live alone with my husband. my baby is 16 months.. nvr ready to eat food since the time I started with solids. I am in trauma. I get more exhausted. I feel like committing suicide everyday. what will happen to my baby is all that in my mind. I dont go out anywhere. cant take my baby out too..coz she isn't ready to eat in my absence nor presence. what bad have I done ?? to explain what I'm going through is beyond words. aftrr every 15 mins I have to think what I feed to my baby. I fear I may really not take my life to bring up my baby

Do not worry dear, we mom's feel bad when baby don't eat any thing, we worry a lot, you are doing the best for your baby.. plz don't think of negative things, if baby is active need not worry, try making different recipes, colorfull, or handful snack which baby hold self and eat, you can check on Baby chakra app about different recipes.. and Plz spend time with baby more playing than feeding, go outside, to the park or any where both are comfortable... also rest when baby is resting, full time looking after the baby is not a easy job.. give yourself time, go for small walk in the evening, when hubby playing with baby, listen to music, have nice cup of tea alone, stay positive mummy, you are the best for your child.. hugs too you..

Anon I'm really sorry to say you are obsessed with your baby's food to the extent that you are thinking about suicide. Meal time is supposed to be a happy affair, put yourself in your baby's shoes and think. Why to think every 15 mins to feed the baby? I'm here to help you, you can read my hash tags #weaningatarah . My daughter is 2 yrs old and have been Selfeeding from 8 months. I need more information from you to sort this out. 1. What do you feed? 2. How do you feed? ( tv, mobile,story telling, taking to the balcony? ) 3.How many meals per day?

Anon, why can't you go outside? It's not only feeds. You should take a break and go out on weekends. Ask your husband to take care of her for sometime. You should go on walks every evening. Take the child along. You will feel good. Meditate, do yoga or any kind of exercise. You can hire some house help if you feel the need. Children are fussy. Please don't think of such things.

Don't take too much tension and stress.. I have two kids and I know how life runs now... I wake up at 5 or 6 in morning and whole day I just keep working and all things finished after 12 pm in night... Sometimes I also feel like you but then I think it is just a matter of few more time and soon everything will cum on track. So keep doing motherhood is not easy task 👍

Don't take that much of stress. When my daughter was of that age, I too felt like that. Talk to your husband. I too used to live alone with my baby. Indulge in family activities almost every weekend, if possible. If possible, try going out along with your hubby and your baby at least once a week. Trust me, that did become quite helpful for me. Feed her showing some books or telling stories. Or just showing random things from window. In any case, don't give up! Try your hand in new recipes. I am sure this depression phase will soon pass. And if you're worried as if you're a good mom or not, don't even think about it. You are doing great and you're a wonderful mum!

Hey.. I can totally relate to this.. I was in such situation and had the same feeling.. Firstly talk to your husband about this... If hesitant talk to your siblings or mom, they will understand you. And start doing something from home whatever atttacts you

Rebecca Prakash I make my baby eat with help of TV or fone. from day one. I live alone.its not possible for me to everytime lock my home with maids to make my baby go to park for food.. I have believed that my baby won't eat like other babies..I keep trying frequently coz whatever I give she dosnt eat..and shows signs of hunger after every 1 or 1.5 hr..so I give her milk...when I try not giving her milk , I end up keeping her stomach empty for hours coz she anyway won't eat food...she just take few bites from banana that's all

Nazia Afreen . .I'm surely a bad mom...my every effort has failed..I have not been able to breastfeed my baby and now I can't even make her eat food..and now I'm thinking of giving up my life...my body has left no energy..I'm also a human I also need love and rest

No, you're not a bad mum. I too wasn't unable to breastfeed completely my baby. I too have feeding issues even till now. I too used screen as a distraction. And I too generally live alone. You are just having a postpartum depression phase which similarly lasted for me till almost two years. Don't even think about giving up your life. You may feel you are not raising your child properly. But the truth is kids throw such tantrums in front of those with whom they are most comfortable. Which means in your case it's you. This phase too shall pass. But your life once passed cannot be revived again. You are a great mum! We all have it! And you are doing your best in your motherhood journey! ❤️

Whatever kind of mum u think you r... But no one gonna replace ur place for ur baby... U r the best in this world for ur baby remember that... Honestly sometimes even i feel so bad of taking care of my baby alone that i start crying but then i realise that its just few year of hiccup this is not gonna be a permanent thing... When they grow up u will not remember this stage at all.. Babies do tantrum... But eventually they will feel hungry so they will eat food... "Take care dear of urself coz ur life matters for her life "

Hey.. First of all pls dont be disheartened. I am also facing same issue just that my daughter is 10 months old. I would suggest you to be calm first and erase negative thoughts before feeding your baby. Also play more with your baby. If u will always try to feed her she wont like it. Babies are very intelligent they cant remain hungry so if u will always pass on milk to her she will not try to eat as that is an easy option for them. So pls dont try to feef after every 15 mins take some gap. Let her play njoy and try to maintain food gaps. I myself struggle a lot with my daughter but I keep trying new things with her. Like offer finger foods and try to leave her alone and watch her from distance. You can giver her banana, mango shakes, fruit juices to her. Try to. Introduce different textures and colors. If that doesnt help take help from relatives and ask them to try to feed her.

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