My hair have turned Grey during pregnancy. Any supplements or home remedies that can be taken after delivery to turn Grey hair to black again.

Hi you can apply henna, if its early grey then consult dermatologist after delivery.

I don't think u can turn grey hair to black.. Temporary you can do that with heena or hair color... But to prevent further greying apply less chemicals to hair... Use paraben free shampoo, overnight oiling two times a week at least... Also avoid using hair dryer and straighteners

U can apply henna n hv amla in ur diet it vl help in furthr greying

This is hormonal plus genetic you can start hair supplement after baby e starts a reduction in breast milk

Hey Priyanka, I too faced the similar issue and consulted Dermatologist. Its hard to say but any such supplements don't exist wherein the greying of hair can be turned back in original form. The only option left is colouring whether u go with henna or organic colors available in market.

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