4.5 months complete aagidichu..paal start panlama ..ena foods lam kudukalam

6months vara only breastfeeding.

Breast feeding, it's a mind game. If you think u can, your hormones play the game positively. If you think you cannot they play negatively. If you have positive thoughts the led down refluxes release oxytocin which is the major hormones that helps releasing milk. If you are stressed this hormone is suppressed by adrenalin in the brain to decrease the amount of milk. When a mother nurses, not only her oxytocin levels increases but her body makes more receptors, permanently
increasing her feelings of love;and this is a cycle your baby in turn does the same. So more latching more milk.. If your baby's pee count is six to seven times a day and gaining adequate weight then it's a sign of well fed baby.
Include ajwain, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, garlic, turmeric, pepper, fenugreek, bottle guard, drumstick, Oatmeal, carrots, barley,lean meats,eggs,fresh water fishes to improve the milk supply ... Mother's Horlicks helps too

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