hi. I have a son of 13 years old and he has growth hormone defeciancy. because of that he will be looking like 8 years boy. he is very good in studies and all other activities but still he doesn't behave like 13 years boy. I explained him in many ways. but not able to change his thinking still he thinks he is very small boy. I am unable to understand how to make him reilaze. can any one suggest me how to deal the situation.

Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction) asha chaudhry

Sheena Kalia Baby Chakra please help here.

hi anon do u stay in a city that has good child counsellors? kids dont listen to their own parents. and since this is related to a medical issue perhaps ur family dr or pead cud hv a word with him. is there anyone he admires or listens to? seek that person's help. tc. i hope this helps

Dr.Saloni Pahwa pls help

thank a lot asha. he listens to my sister she also explained him. but no use.
if u know any doctor who can council him refer me

sorry I can't provide any insight here

hi it is important to be patient firstly.. many times such behaviour can be related to the psychological impact of maybe being shorter or not looking like other kids his age. a good children's counsellor can help you . at home make sure your child has a motivating and encouraging environment. also get your pediatrician on board with this issue

thank you Dr.saloni. will definitely take him to good counsellor.  do u know any counsellor in Hyderabad

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