hi everyone..I' have already posted this still very much baby is of 7 mnths taking solids 2 not having breastfeed...she takes very less feed..whenever I force her she very much worried bcoz of this..should I start formula milk..pls anyone help.

Babies diet do change, especially after the introduction of semi solids. I would suggest don't start formula coz that will impact your breast milk supply even further. Keep offering your milk whenever the baby demands it.

My baby did same when I started solids but trust me there is no reason to worry. Within 10days the baby will start understanding the taste and will eat properly. I used to make 5 different meal in morning and after every 3-4 hrs used to feed my child. sometimes she used to eat 5teaspoons sometimes 2teaspoons. Everyday i used to make the food and then throw mire than 70℅ in night. But keep continuing same food for 10 days so that the baby understands the taste. Then you will soon see ur baby eating properly. don't worry... He will surely eat

You have to trust your little one. If she will be hungry she will ask for feed. Many baby's also start preferring solids to breast feeding. You could try expressing your milk and mixing the same in her solid feed.

thanks all for ur comments...gave me an immense relief

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