hello everyone.nw I am continuing 18 months pregnancy . I am feelings heavy in my lower abdomen. is it normal?? I am also having an increased white muscus discharge with little lower abdominal pain. is this normal.?? please help me

A heavy feeling in the second trimester as the uterus stretches is normal. Lower abdomen pain which feel like cramps that come and go is to be reported to the doctor. Vaginal discharge does increase during pregnancy but if it is with cramps then it should be checked.

I have done ultrasound at17 weeks of pregnancy. the doctor told me that my cervix is short I.e. 35 mm. early when I felt that heaviness in my vagina she told me to have a stitch in my cervix bt now she told that it's okay and I can do household works . what u suggest to do. should I go for a cervix stitch and consult another doctor or follow my doctor's advice.

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