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Hello doc, I'm having itching on my stomach. Due to scratching over it, blood is coming out from the marks. I'm using stretch marks creams and oil from 3rd month of pregnancy. Pls tell me what to do. Skin becomes so hard.

Hey it happens... Increase the frequency of moisterising.. apply coconut oil n bio oil too. Avoid scratching.. drink lots of water

You can apply soothing body butter cream which is made of natural ingredients like which can help to keep the area moist and prevent from itching in the area

Now my whole body has rashes and itching? Is it normal

During pregnancy period strech marks occur. To get rid of it you have to apply stretch marks cream or oil.there are soo many available in market.but during my period I applied the moms co natural stretch marks cream and oil it help me to get rid of it upto soo much extent. Note stretch marks will never remove completely it will get fade up to great extents. Apply this twice a day.

During pregnancy it's common, Use natural body butter and natural stretch oil from moms co they are toxin free,prevents from itchiness,dry and reduces the stretch marks my personal experience

I used both during my pregnancy but still i got stretch marks. Now after delivery what to do?

Hey dear use the moms co natural body butter it will help to get rid of dryness and deeply moisturize the skin . And the moms co stretch marks oil that helps to reduce the marks visibility to an extent.