hello to all ... today m very sad my angel is in fever from 2 days ...I think it becomes in habit of her..from last six months... I consulted to two or more dr.

they all said she is fine it's seasonal only bt how can I blv she is feeling sickness regularly...plz mommies help n suggest some home remedy for cough...


Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

15 natural remedies to treat your little one's cold and cough

if you are feeling, the lo is more prone to diseases since 6 months, you should go for her immunity checkup.. talk to your tursted doc about this..

Nimmi, how is her diet? does she have green veggies and fruits daily? Immunity boasters are fruits n loads of veggies. Keep her hands clean. It is seasonal and to a certain extent nothing much we can do. Its a part of building immunity.

nimmi if u hv a good family homeopath pls consult for the cough

try warm water with honey and lime . helps to release the cough. also in a bit of honey add frsh ginger juice and give .

Nimmi Rathore don't worry...u go for homeopathic son used to be sick every month with cold n cough after his first birthday.. since last 2 months we started homeopathic for him n he is absolutely fine... also watch out her diet...give her everything ... Don't fix the portion... n see some immunity buster food receipes....u can give one teespoon of honey with few lemon drops to improve immunity against cold

hi is the child is falling I'll very often and having repeated bouts of fever it is important to rule out hidden infections like urine infection and partially treated infections like tonsillitis before deciding the fevers are unrelated.  please consult your pediatrician regarding the same .

I. consulted with dr. he was saying it may be cause of UTI.