Hello experts need help. My child former preemie 27 weeker is now 3 years 6 months.. He us good milestone wise but has lower immunity when it comes to chest infection. I am a working women now.. And I need very updated nutritional plan fir his development so thay i manage well for jis growth. He seems very weak since last month and also weight is around 14 kg.. 3 months back. He is active child.. But since last one month ivam seeing he lookscweak.. N get tired easily.. Help me with a good plan if needed send me information to buy a plan.. To that I can share his schedule.

Aradhana, trust me weight is good. My son being a premie and now 3 years 2 months weighs around 13 kgs. Don't worry about it. Offer a well balanced diet. Include protein in each meal. Dry fruits powder with nutmeg and saffron, seasonal fruits and vegetables will help. Include lemon on regular basis.

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I expected to know about any nutritional Specialist for kids Naiyya Saggi

Maybe he is getting tired due to breathing issues related to chest congestion. Weight is fine. Do try ayurveda, works well for my son. Avoid wheat and cow milk during chest congestions, was suggested by my paed