I am 24 weeks pregnant from last 2 week getting full body itching,red rashes all over body on hands and legs more.  is it normal .how to reduce it.

Sneha Khandait Deshmukh

have u ate something different from  ur daily diet???....I think it's allergic itching....itching is normal in pregnancy as belly get streched n due to hormones skin gets dry also for that u can use coconut oil... but  full body itching with red rashes is not so normal .. plz consult ur doctor soon she will give u some medicines if u have caused some allergy...

no I have not changed in my diet.  doctor given some soap.  but then also it's not reducing

r u using moisteriser??? skin get dry during pregnancy.... u can use The mom's  co body butter .... u can order  it from baby chakra  too.....

Dr. Payal M , Dr Mamta Goel

you should show a dermatologist looks like allergic reaction or some skin infection

Show it to dermatologist immediately..mild itchin is fine.. But red rashes sign of allergy..
For mild itching u can try coconut oil + camphor

u need a consultation fr rashes. pls check first with ur gyn

Better to consult a dermatologist.

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