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Hey moms, help me out

My daughter is 2 years now and i am really concern about her weight gain. She is under weight since from 1 year. Please help me out for weight gain as I gave for all types of weight gain food too. She is active too but doesn't like to eat. After 3-4 tbsp she throws everything. Still she is in liquid form diet... Doent like to eat solid foods like roti, paratha and all.

Help me out with genuine feedback

Hey don't worry .. the baby will gain weight gradually..give eggs, banana milkshake.. sharing a few articles

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Kavita Sahany everyone is putting pressure on me as a mother your not worried about your child, as a working mother I have to depend upon daycare and they only feed her 3 times a day. I only feed her dinner that too she doesn't eat properly. I am worried as whole day she is getting enough meal or not. As it reflects through weight only

All articles in BC I have already applied but still result is null... Any other help you can provide me

Ya I understand.. talk to the day cate people too.. take daily records of what she eats and how much.. hope they have a cctv too...
High protein food is good.. eggs , fish try to give atleast on weekends.. for me I have been very thin through out my life and was really bad at eating... People say many things don't think over it... Try your best... And if the baby is healthy and active then don't worry much about Orissa my in-laws used to make chatua and give for my daughter..
Its a mixture of chuda, almond, cashews a s other grains and nuts.. it's filling and helps in weight gain they say... I used to give when my daughter was small . It was good..

How about encouraging self feeding?