can an expert Plz helpe understand what is this. my son's feet look weird and he runs in a weird way... not abnormal but weird. I have a strong feeling since years that something is wrong but my husband denies and says I overthink. he is almost 4 years old now and has all.milestones except speech ontime. very intelligent also.

Dr.Saloni Pahwa kindly advise

hi its a little difficult to tell over a picture without examining the child but this looks like tibia interossi which is a physiological condition in which the tibia bone in the leg is slightly rotated whig can give a gait that looks weird.  this does not require any treatment the child will be normal as he grows do give him vitamin D though

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hi anon!! If ur son is walking n running with his knees touched to each other it's nothing but know knee doctor saloni doesn't require much attention more than to give vitamin D regularly..I have posted on link might be helpful for u

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