Hi ,my daughter is 45 days old , her weight reduced from 3.6kg to 3.2kg ,so doctor suggested lactogen , we feed her lactogen twice 90ml ,and rest of the tym I breast feed her at 2hours gap(I feel she only sucks nipple,my areola part is big), she pee's 2-3 times between 2hours gap.. even then she cries, is this not sufficient for her. Not sure is it due to latching issue.. she only sleeps for 12hours

Hey first month the weight decreases and then increases gradually.. I would suggest keep Breastfeeding ... You can use a nipple sheild if you think latching is an issue..sharing a few articles to increase the Breastmilk.. also you can extract and give in bottle ...

Remedies To Boost Breastmilk Supply

Ways To Increase Breastmilk Naturally

Hi it is common to lose weight in the beginning, please don't give anything except breastfeeding.