hello girls and new moms... i am thinking to order a play gym for my baby... any suggestions which one is good if someone has bought recently....

fisher price, baby hug are good.. i have used fisher price

Sumira Bhatia suggest more options

Pooja had bought recently please help

i have shortlisted 2 products please suggest which is better

hi ,
i bought fisher price rain forest one.. its awesome

thanks for tagging Shruti Giri, we got play gym as a gift, don't remember the brand. Jyoti pics u have shared both looks good to me.

Fisher price play gym is worth it's price

Play gym would be a nice investment and I have Play gym of fisher price brand.

ueah jyoti i have bought one from amazon. it's playgro play gym. its very nice. u can buy it. but it doesn't have battery to move the danglings. so if u want move krne qale danglings in the play gym pls consider some other option which people r suggesting here 😊

FP is good with no sharp edges . you will get good deals online .

thanks girls !!! going with fisher price rain forest as it is the only one on amazon which is fairly priced (rs 3500) and has good functions.... 😊😊

I bought a very basic not very expensive play gym as baby's grow out of it . . but in addition to a play gym I bought a lot dangly toys that I use to hand on his stroller or carry cot or his cribs . . lots of colourful ones  . . the pictures of the ones you've sent both look lovely