Any recommendations for stretch mark cream? my doc told me that there isn't any proof that creams will help in stretch marks so a normal body lotion will also work.. what do you all suggest?

a lot of moms use Palmer's Mamaearth and bio oil. u can even chk reviews and buy them on the app

Bio oil , start from your 2nd trimester.

I use mamaearth.It works great!Like ur doc said,strechmarks won't disappear but applying right cream or oil will reduce the mark.

ur dct is abslty corct. Creams can lessen the stretch marks. Biooil is a gudone 

bio oil is very good I use it too, but I have still developed stretch marks.
remember the purpose is to keep the skin hydrated. my sister applied virgin coconut oil and has zero stretch marks. so the whole stretch marks thingy varies from person to person also