Hai I'm 17 weeks pregnant... I got facial hair growth under chin... Can anyone suggest home remedies r treatment for that? It no longer before....!!!

May be because of harmonal changes,  If it's too much then you can so threading or waxing but I suggest to just wait and see if it goes after your delivery. There is no such home remedies.

U can do waxing or threading. If it's the frst tym u got facial hair it may b bcz of pregncy hormones

apply turmeric & milk paste and massage daily.

u can tweeze it or thread it..

1)gram flour, tumeric, unpasteurised milk add n apply twice a week.
2) egg ka yellow part remove kar k lagae.
3) honey n brown sugar

hey it is normal, you can get threading done or get it tweezed. but reality is it will grow back!