hi mommies, I need help and suggestions from you guys, post delivery I have lost 10kgs, I am too lean now, need suggestions to gain weight

eat healthy food and u will b as weight needed by yor body. don't worry to gain weight

thank you but I look very lean , my baby looks more chubby than me

Smitha i too had lost loads. Even during feeding i lost even more. Just eat what you like and don't stress about this Weight will catch up with you.

Hi Smita, if you are underweight, it is still important that
- you eat a well balanced diet consisting of seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, lentils, pulses
- you should eat five to six meals
- increase your portion size slowly eg if you eat 2 rotis eat a 3rd one.
- don't skip any meals
- avoid junk food
- Exercise regularly
- Being Stress free is important. Practice breathing and meditation for relaxation.
- Sleep well.

You may have to run more after a toddler. Till they are 8 weight gain/ loss is a natural phenomenon. Don't stress just check if overall you feel good/ weak. You may need to take you multivitamins, food accordingly. If you are nursing then there is little chance of gaining weight

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