How can I potty train my two year old....he's too stubborn to sit on Potty seat..I e been trying since months but not yet succeeded...he just refuses to sit on it and can turn the whole house upside down when he's asked to do so...hea would cry his heart out but won't sit..

Kya reason hai odont understand...m tired of washing his potty pants...he s though very wel bathroom trainedeans whenever he has to go for the loo he l always go in the bathroom n nowhere else....Infact he s not wearing diapers since one year ....he never pee In his pants n always tells wenever he wants to pee.

So why not doing potty on a potttseat...He prefers to do it in his to teach him..I have shown him videos...Given him bribes scolded him ...Talked him patiently ..but nothing works..

hello reshma
dont worry.. cool down! pls dont scold.. it happens ..sharing with you some articles..which can helps you check..

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2 year old? This is definitely unjust to expect such thing from a 2 year old. He is still a baby. It takes time for them to understand. Please don't be on hard on him or you, there is nothing to be stressed about.