my babu is 15months old and she doesnt drink water nor juice...i bf her at night...i mix sugar n lemon in water too at times to attract her but all in vain..pl help...wil it impact her health?

As advised by Babychakra expert Dr Aarushi Upadhyay.

Don't worry your breastfeeding milk is enough. keep trying and ur child will get into the habit.

Hi Shree. If you are giving her fluids in other forms & not only as water or juice s its okay. Being 15 months old, you must be feeding your baby foods other than breastmilk, so try and give water by offering her watery fruits, cucumbers , soups, curds. Your breastmilk contains water too.
Quick tip - sometimes babies like warm water better than normal temp water. You could try that.

& MOST IMPORTANTLY, it doesn't affect the baby's health in case of ur query.

by 15 months your baby should be getting her nutritional requirements from eating solids. Breastfeeding is no longer the only source of nutrition. As long as your baby is eating a well balanced diet and her growth is good (according to her paediatrician), you don't have to worry.

Thanks a lot for all ur responses...

Some cups give water a slightly plastic taste; it’s a good idea to give them a go yourself.counter(bold-counter).Give water on a spoon or from an open cup to get your baby used to the flavour (or lack of it!).counter(bold-counter).Let your baby have plenty of opportunities to play with a cup of water so she has the chance to get used to it and see how it works.counter(bold-counter).Give fluids in food by making foods as runny as possible - for example, by adding water when you make purées.counter(bold-counter).Give foods that naturally contain a high proportion of water. Fruits and vegetables all contain water, but some – such as pears, melon, cucumber and tomatoes – contain more than others.counter(bold-counter).Offer your baby water between meals when she’s not hungry and keen for food.counter(bold-counter).Offer water with every meal and snack, whether or not your baby drinks it. Put the cup to her mouth but also leave it on the table or highchair tray so she can have a go on her own.counter(bold-counter).If your toddler likes milk and is getting all the milk she needs, try adding a bit of extra water to her bottle.counter(bold-counter).Keep trying. Babies rarely drink much to begin with and that’s fine; they’ll gradually drink more. Don’t be tempted to give up...

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