My baby has too much cough...due ro this she is not able to sleep. Also, while coughing digested milk (dense liquid lioe mukus or dahi kind substance) comes out.. we r visiting the doc and giving medicines like t_mimic. Even trying home remidies, we gave ginger and honey also. Please suggest on this. Thanks

Hey give little water , steaming is good if you can do it.. continue the medicines.. masage mustard oil..

Excerpts from LiveChat with Dr Bhavi Mody: Immunity of children against cold and cough

15 natural remedies to treat your little one's cold and cough

Aditya Bhalla ..
1)Give her plain water steam 2)elevate the head while sleeping so that head level is heigher than the chest level
3)avoid fans / direct wind
4) continue breast milk
5) if she is more than 6 months then moosambi pommogranate strained juices , warm water
6)pinch of fine pepper powder with pure honey , mix well and give
7)food if u have started then see that till she finishes food remains warm
8)while giving bath see that bath room is fully closed so that cold breez doesn't effect on her and soon after the bath cover her with full dress , socks

I suggest you to give honey mixed with pepper and cinnamon

Hi Honey can be dangerous please dont give that.