my 5 month old baby is not sleeping well.she is sleeping only 7 to 8 hours aday.last two days she is not drinking enough milk and roubing her eyes and crying but not sleeping what can I do for her?

Hello Nithiya. Baby at this age needs much more sleep. One off is ok but if this is a continued trend I would suggest you show her to your pediatrcian. She may be hungry and hence is awake. Are you breastfeed?

mine was da same prob . i use to feed her when she is sleeping.

Yes baby this age needs about 12 hours of sleep on a minimum. Rubbing of the eyes is a common sign of being tired and wanting to sleep. how do you know she is not drinking enough milk ? Try and keep the room quiet and dark and set routines for her. Keep her nap and sleep times same and this will help to form a pattern for her as well.

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