2nd trimester, meri nipples me pata nhi kya ho gya, pehele jaisi smooth nhi he , bohat rough ho gyi he,  kya karu? ??????

hormonal changes se breasts ad nipples me changes aate hai. kuch bhi karne ki jarurat nahi, your body is getting prepared for your baby :-)

its natural post pregnancy.use mama earth nipple butter.they will get smooth and the pain and itchiness will go away.

Roughness kliye apply oil of your choice..coconut oil or bio oil... It wont make it smooth pehle jaise par thoda betr hoga.. N as Prisha and Sakshi said... Its normal not much can be done ☺️

agree with's just a hormonal changes.. nothing can be applying u can reduce any dryness

ur breasts are preparing for the baby. the baby's sucking will hurt the nipples. so the oil glands increase in size. these are called Montgomery tubercles. perfectly normal and important for the mother. nothing needs to be done for it

its normal...nothin to do..jus apply coconut oil if itchin

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