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My baby girl is going to be of 14months but still she doesn't walk. She can stand with the help of support. I am very worried. I massage her daily. People are also telling that by now she should be able to walk. She is too slow in achieving her milestones... I am getting really upset now a days. Please suggest me what can I do? How to make her strong?

Hey please don't worry.. every baby has his own milestone.. some babies take time.. don't worry.. the baby will walk soon, just support..

What Is The Normal Age When Babies Start Walking And Talking?

Yes do massage daily on legs before bathing with moms Co baby oil it's natural oil makes babies bones ND muscles strong

Don't worry samina about what people are saying... Don't stress urself just support she will walk, every baby is different.. They take their own time.. My niece started walking @ around 15 nd half months... So don't worry..