my baby is 2 months old..sleeps all day.. he cried a lot in the night.. he sucks his hand continuesly even after the feeding...

what's the problem? ??

Sucking the hand, thumb, blanket is very common and normal. They have a suckling reflex which is also a self soothing technique. It may not necessarily mean that baby is hungry. Crying at night if it was a one time incident then no cause for concern. If it becomes a regular affair then do discuss with the doctor as the baby may have colic.

kids suck thir hands thats normal. n ua baby is just 2 months they don't know whats day n night till they r 6 or 7 months old. so try sleeping with ua baby in d day. when he or she sleeps. this might continue till 5 months

my 1st daughter do the same so i do switch on the lights and started talking...she loved dat and she also love to play in nite only

my daughtet is 2yrs old after birth evry day she plan n sleep and in nyt she wil cry or want to plan but during few months iconsultd many drs thy told me her colid muscles pain more in nyt thats y she cry more in nyt but til now she same som times she wil feel pain but she didnt slp whle nyt

Dear Neeta, try to follow a daily routine so the baby is well fed around the day this makes them easy to sleep at night