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Hi.. my baby has completed 4 mth on march 28, her weight as on 20 mar was 5.75 kg height 66 cm. She is completely on formula milk, however she is not taking milk properly.. even after a gap of 3.5 hr we hv to forcly put bottle n she will only feed once I carry her n walk around that feed she will tk for either 90ml/105/ night she will feed only once for 90 ml. By this m able to feed only 550/600ml a day... what should I do to increase the qty? I also tried to feed her every 2 hr with small qty of milk but she is not takinh. Kindly note m already giving cheruzyme to her and burping her almost after every feed.she is passing stool once daily with green color.

BreastFeeding you don't give her once or twice ?? Since how many days she is not taking r feeds . ??
Keep trying and increase the frequency..

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Milk formation is zero for me tried to feed her with brestmilk for 3 month after taking supplements like satavary tab,lactaway powder, perinorm tab but nothing worked. Now no milk formation. From last 5-6 days is not feeding properly