My baby always looks at me n always starts crying. I have resigned from my job n im at home from past 3 days. And my in law says when im not around my kid stays gud n gains some amount of weight but now I am at home hence,he always sees me around n starts crying. Please help me as to what can i do

may be he have some problem...try to make him happy

that can not be. may the child is trying to tell you some thing.

whats the baby's age?

Hi Sharon. Firstly a very big and warm hug to you. This must not be easy for you. I can understand. Baby has not seen you around maybe thats why. Please do remember a Mother's bond is not like any other. Do some activities that will delight the baby. A favorite song, favorite story book. Kids love to be taken out. Take your baby for a stroll and show your baby interesting things around. Be with your baby. Do not lose hope at all! We are all here for you 100%. Your baby loves you.

Hi my boy at 13 months is the same. Whenever I am in front of him he cries to be on my lap. When am not around he is OK. Try to figure out what does he really want? I realized my kid wants to be fed every time he sees me. I asked my doctor about this in my last visit and she mentioned two things, 1. It could be a phase which should pass soon (teething, etc) , 2. The baby by nature is a little dependent or shy and so needs to feel secure all the time. Again this will change with time. I now try to distract him by either taking him to the window and showing birds outside or by bringing him his favourite toy. But when he incessantly cries I just cuddle him and at times feed him which make him feel comforted.

my baby is 7 months old

is there anything I need to worry about if it is the case

A child is very perceptive. When moms are working they understand that mom is away and will be available at only certain times. They are fine with this however the problem starts when the parent leaves without telling the baby or hides and leaves. Parents do this as they fear that the baby will cry and it will be difficult for them to see. However it creates a feeling in the child that the parent just vanishes and this the child cannot understand. If this sounds familiar then what your baby is telling you is that he is insecure and worried that you will suddenly leave him. It will take some time for baby to get over this feeling and be reassured that you are not going away. Spend time with him, play and talk to the baby. Most importantly even if you have to step out for personal work always leave in front of baby.

Hey Sharon. hugs ! first of all just be confident and believe in the decision you have made for ur baby. Here is what our MomStar Keerti Bhatia has to say.

Oh! Kids! Don't you worry at all!!! Your child is complaining to you for being away!!! Let him cry, and when he cries keep talking to him and tell mumma is sorry that she was away now mumma will always be with you. Don't worry at all!!! Remember, child is the father of man, and their tactics are mind boggling! Chin up! Enjoy your time with the little badmash.

Sharon don't forget that he was in your womb for 9+ months and he feels secured with you. he fears you will leave him and go coz you used to work. it takes a while for that to go. give him some time. ignore what your in-laws comment

thanks for giving me the confidence and helping. thanks all

upto 2 years of age children cry a lot seeing their mother mainly b cause they know that if they cry mummy will do anything for them. I used to manage my twins alone and as long as papa was there or someone else was there they will be nice and manageable but when dad is not home they create hell for me. someone told me the same thing, they cry to get attention and love. it is a phase and it will change. don't worry!!

Hi Sharon, it must be terrible to feel that you are the reason for your child's crying. Please don't give in to this thought.
Please give your child sometime to adapt to a situation. See if you cover him more or the contrary, to what your in laws do when you are not around. Some children of working moms cry due to anxiety of mom leaving. The first thing to do is to stop getting anxious about this yourself. Spend some observing time watching your baby being taken care by your in laws. See what's different. But, the most important thing is to spend happy time with your child. Avoid doing any activity that either you or baby doesn't like doing together. Do this for a week and see how your child is doing.

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