hi, my 8 months old son loves to pull my hair he thinks it's fun. though if I pretend to cry or stop him he does leave it for awhile . Atimes he tries to put it in his mouth. how do I make him stop.he just wants to be carried all the he time.he is unwell right now so I do carry him or else he starts to cry. by carrying him I'm I been a bad mom who spoiling her child. bcoz thts why I have been told. also he is not trying to crawling n sit. pls help.

I think you are a great mom simply as you care and think so much for your child. babies will want to be carried especially when unwell so don't worry about that. try sitting down on a playmat with him and put some toys at a distance. he will gradually learn and want to be mobile. put some pillows around so he's protected as well. all kids love to play with mummies hair and in my case my specs..a firm no will help!

Hi Nike. Please go easy on yourself. YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOM. On the hair part even my child used to do that. I hated it. Once i got so angry i pulled his hair (im not saying you should do thay). My point is that babyies will be naughty. We the moms usually have to dace it. But always tell your child sternly that it causes pain. Also, every child wants to be carried. Instead spend some lap time with baby. Strongly say ' you are growing so no more carrying you are too big "

Hair or chain pulling is a fairly common habit in most kids. If you make a drama about it they tend to enjoy and persist and repeat the behavior. In this case the best bet is to wear your hair tied up so that there is no pulling or putting in the mouth. If a baby is unwell they do want to be cuddled and if you are doing that you are not being a bad mom and spoiling your child.

For crawling and sitting - does your child sit unsupported even for a few minutes ?
crawling typically means that a baby can get from point a to point b in any manner except on two legs. It could be on all fours, or slithering or even sitting and moving. Movement could be forward or backward. If that is happening then the milestone of crawling is considered achieved.

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