Hi my baby will be completing 6 months on this 28. But i started some liquid and semi solid food as she does not take milk much and cries with please suggest my how i can give her apple and how much quantity in a day?

half apple boli n mash it.. n give her

OK can I give grated and mashed apple?

Try giving fruits like Apple n banana mashed. Half the quantity twice a day would do! try making rice porridge and give in small quantities!

Hi Priyanka. There are many recipes you can try. Just search for weaning foods on the App. Here is an apple recipe suitable for 7 months plus.

Quantity is always dictated by the baby. Never force feed the child. You can offer her fruits and vegetables about two times a day for the first three to four weeks and slowly increase the solid meals as the baby accepts the same. Calcium is important as well so you may need to mix breast milk with fruit or if you are formula feeding then with cereal to ensure the baby gets that nutrient as well.