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I am 9 weeks pregnant, I have a lott of itching in whole body ,nd at night it become unbearable, my Dr advised fr a body lotion but It doesn't work, nw what should I do

Sneha Khandait Deshmukh Akshaya Naresh

have ur Dr. told u the reason behind this,,, u r saying it's unbearable .. I think it's allergic itching  plz do check again with ur Dr.... usually itching occurs during pregnancy  bcoz skin gets dry due to hormonal changes .... for that u have to keep ur body well moisterised...u can try coconut oil or The Moms Co. body butter... but firstly meet ur Dr again for this .....

Check for any fungal infection with ur doc.Avoid warm or hot shower and use mild soap.

if itchng is unbearable , it may b any alergy. meet a skin specialist

same happened with me

Ok sisters thnks fr ur advise, I will consult