Im planning a baby but at times i feel i am not ready. Its so much responsibility and my career, social life will all change. How did you all know when you were ready to be a mom?

wen u got married?
Wt do u do??

u dont need to plan a baby . it is life u learn as u go .everything works out in the end have faith .

lovely question. I feel you can never be ready. I knew I wanted kids but didn't have a timeline. I think age helped me determine when I wanted kids as I didn't want in my late thirties. I believe you have to sometimes keep career in the foreground and personal life in the background and vice versa

Many times it's important to first be emotionally and financially ready. At the same time do consider your own age. As you cross thirty your body's reproductive system also slows down and conceiving may become difficult. Post 35 the risk of abnormalities increases in the fetus. All factors taken into account as well as your partner's opinion and feelings will help you to make the decision.

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