i'm 6 week pregnant. can i eat boiled egg or egg bujii. pls answer me???

U can definitely eat egg as it's rich source of protein.. have a happy pregnancy :)

I live in the uk and egg is not recommended by the doctors as it may contain a certain bacteria which causes stomach infection

actually.... I consult wd my doc. she said in early pregnancy egg should be avoid

pls ensure the egg is completely cooked.. it's an excellent source of protein in helps in development of baby

I had the same doubt and advised to have two servings a week by my gynac

Yes you can have both. Eggs are very healthy source of protein and one yellow and two to three whites per day can be taken safely. Just ensure that you do not have raw eggs.

Yes, you can as eggs are considered very healthy..but pls avoid raw ones

yes u should avoid egg in early pregnancy. .