My 7th month old baby rolled over while in drowsy mood and accidentally fell from cot. she cried for 5-10mins and drowsy again. I just saw that forehead area above right eye has become red with little swelling. I'm really worried plz help

The first thing is positive, if a baby has an injury especially a head injury and cries then it's a positive sign. The second thing please be alert that the baby is not unconscious which means that you should be able to awaken the baby. Thirdly there should be no vomiting. Keep observing the above for the next 24 hours. The little bump on the forehead which is red and mild swelling is normal. Place an ice pack on the area.

thank u ma'am. I tried to wake her up she saw me and started crying so I put her back to sleep. but I'm worried that how can v know if she has any internal injuries.

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