Dr. Priyanka Patel

In age of 1yr 3 month can baby masterbet....? Embarrassingly I daily see my baby boy rubbing his genital most of time on this normal in so younger age...Is there any solution..? As it is very embarrassing if neighbour come to home...

It's normal.. don't worry about all this.. something might be irritating hence this.. keep the area clean.. also babies play around..

1 year old baby won't masturbate. It's normal for babies to touch their private parts. You don't need to be embarrassed about it. It's just a small baby who is exploring.

Kids are born with sexual feelings both boys and girls. So rubbing it some what gives them satisfaction, and it's not a big issue. Gently distract the baby, give more attention to him.

Thank you so much for precious advices

It’s very common in babies. Even my son do that. I gently distract him. Please don’t scold or get worried. They’re too small to understand what they’re doing