Hello doctor,

I had last period on 10.04.2020. My cycle of period varies from 21- 23 days. I was expecting period on 03.05.2020, but it did not happen. I checked with prega-news strip and it tested positive.

I have 2 questions

1 ) whether I am 4 weeks or five 5 weeks pregnant ?

2) I visited one doctor , but nowadays in corona times, everyone is afraid. The doctor did not touch me and did not do any checkup. I was having a continuous feeling of vomiting but no vomiting.

She prescribed me folic acid 5 mg , one daily and doxinate 2 daily. and asked to do USG and other blood / urine tests after 20 days.

Is this correct line of treatment .?

Kindly advice.

Thanking you.

Yes there is no need for physical checkup by doctor right now
Plz go for blood tests as suggested by doctor
Whatever supplements/medicines she suggested plz don’t forget to take it daily.
Whenever you feel nauseous do take lemon water or coconut water
Have one glass of milk and dry fruits right after waking up in the morning.
Congratulations you are 4 weeks pregnant
Happy pregnancy

Hey the test is positive. Congratulations! Also the line of treatment is accurate.. don't worry.. take folic acid and good food... Avoid outside food and papaya and packaged food..