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my due date is 6th Feb.....n doctor called me at 1st Feb for induce labour..I want to hv normal labour pains...plz guide n help.

there are various natural ways to induce labour. you can Google although I doubt if medical practitioners will recommend them. my doc recommended drinking raspberry leaf tea from 36 weeks 4 to 5 cups a day. going for brisk walks, sex, exercises with a gym ball, eating spicy food, drinking castor oil, nipple stimulation, pumping are some ways. please do your own research and also check with your doctor before doing any of the above.

You can ask the doctor if she would be willing to wait behind due date of all is well with the Pregnancy and the baby. Also check of you can try some natural labor induction mentors. In the meantime please walk regularly and also do half squats as this can help the baby move lower into the pelvis and put natural pressure on the cervix.

thankyou so much both of you....I walk daily..