Hi..I have an epilepsy neurological disorder for this I am taking medicine before the pregnancy..I am about 7 weeks pregnant now..I stopped taking medicine now will it can affect me or baby??I am having pre-existing back pain also will it get worse by time??

Hi you have to check with your doctor, only she knows your case . Dont stop the medicines without consulting her.

I didn't tell my gynae about my epilepsy as she will specify in my reports and my husband don't know about it.before my marriage I didn't share it with my hubby.

I will request you to be please more elaborate tell me what type of epilepsy you have there are several epilepsy disorders and their grades so please can you post your any of the epilepsy report and the medicine that you are taking so that I can have a look thoroughly and tell you because if you stop medicine it is going to affect you in many epilepsies we require the pregnant ladies to take the course throughout the pregnancy

CPS- Drug Refractory Onset @12-13 years..and I was taking levera -1000 mg (BD)
Clobazam-20 mg (HS)
Lacoset-150 mg (BD)

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Dr.Priyanka Patel please respond to my query..

Dr. Priyanka Patel I have posted my reports you are not replying still..

Since you are not taking the medicines are you getting any reversal effects such as aggression and anger anxiety and stability

You are getting such science then you need to speak to a doctor because out of these three we will continue only one if at all you are having all these

Dr. Priyanka Patel
Yes I am having aggressive behaviour all the time with anger and anxiety due to that my legs and hands are trembling too often..but if I spoke with my doctor will she tell my husband?? will it can create any issues further..if I am not taking any medication??

More importantly if in anger or by mistake due to trembling of your muscles If You Hit hard on a surface it might affect your baby e either you will need to control your anger with help of meditation if you meditate for 1 hour sit in a silent position only in morning for one hour if you do this it will help to come down because epilepsy medicines have a long term effect

I can only pick up the best solution for you with all the details which you have given but the final discretion will be yours whether you want to tell this to your family E I will suggest that your family should know that there is something going on and you need a gentle care and help from your family because if you don't take medicines also your family is all unaware of your condition that how are you going to cope up with the pregnancy

Dr. Priyanka Patel
Thank you so much for the guidance.can in any test in pregnancy tell that I have this disorder??

No such tests in pregnancy

Dr. Priyanka Patel
Please tell me what precautions I have to take to not having any miscarriage?? regarding the disorder which I have

We need an ultrasound to undetstand baby growth but right now only control towards seizures you need to try holistic way of mefitating and take maximum rest and no stress. Eat more fruits for good baby growthvand control your anxiety have lemon water and orange juice daily plus coconut water continue till entire 9 months

Dr. Priyanka Patel
Thank you so much for your suggestions..I will keep this in mind.also I am suffering from spondylitis and low bp problem will it create any difficulty??can I take any medication??