I am currently 35 weeks and 4 days, in the last 8 weeks I have gained only 1.5 kg.. could that mean baby is not putting on the required weight ? and that the development has slow down? I still have 2 weeks for an ultrasound, I am feeling very stressed n worried. pls help

Please relax and don't worry.. even I didn't gain weight for more than 2 weeks when I went for checkup but baby weight was fine when scanning was done. sometimes it's our body that loses weight but baby's weight is normal. So please don't take stress and eat healthy protein diet that includes cooked eggs, milk, fruits, nuts etc and I m sure you will get proper baby weight

Sanha hi. This is what Babychakra expert Sonali Shivlani has to say.

Weight gain in the mother is not directly correlated to the weight gain in the baby. Many times moms may be over weight as per their height and hence gain less during pregnancy. It is also possible that if you gained rapidly in early pregnancy you may gain slower at this time. Relax.