I found out that my kid who is just 14 months old is having yeast infection type on scalp. I don't think it is very common in kids. Lot of white flakes and some boils I can seen on the scalp. Any home remedies? How do I treat it at home? It is also causing lots of hairfall.. really worried.

It is cradle cap.Read the article
Things To Know About Cradle Cap

Hi I have heard spoo shampoo is good for cradle cap.

Don't worry. Its cradle cap. My kids had it too. First don't scratch it.
Start with light massage following up with hair/head wash. Use spoo shampoo. It's very very effective for infants. If you follow it will go slowly. U may also use soft hair brush to comb (not the plastic one)

Nadia Kohli Thank you. Does cradle cap occur in kids older than 1 year? I have seen infants having it. My kid was not having any problem earlier but now since few weeks I am observing this.

Yes. It can happen by age 6 yrs as well (my niece got it) nothing to worry it's harmless. You follow the massage, shampoo n comb process for sometime. N monitor the progress.
If you see no improvement, may then consult doc.

Oh it could painful and sometimes cause discomfort in the baby. It is better to avoid harsh home remedies and hurt the tender scalp. I would suggest you to use a mild and gentle shampoo regularly to control cradle cap in baby. I used spoo shampoo regularly. I could see the development in 1 -2 weeks

Spoo shampoo definitely work for cradle cap.