Hello everyone my question regarding , wipes in my family baby is born so her mother is asking me about she should used wipes or newborn skin or only water can work

My kid grown up now so i dont used diapers and all. i got Little confused please help me and which wipes should i suggest or how she can use

Hi Reetika you can suggest her B4 nappi wipes, these are water wipes and its gentle.

Thank you for suggesting

I suggest to go for wipes. You can ask her to use b4 nappi wipes..these are safe to use for newborns.

I would suggest to go for wipes because it is practically not possible for a mommy to get up everytime especially during nights to clean baby. Wipes come as a saviour during such cases. Moreover good baby wipes like b4 nappi is totally safe for everyday and regular use.

Yes! One can use wipes for baby. Go for b4 nappi wipes.

Mother sparsh or baby hug is good