my baby cries a lot even we have feed her but still she feels uncomfortable. She didn't pee but seems like have hard stomach and also fart a lot

Farting is good she is releasing gas. Give her proper burp after every feed and keep her on your shoulder for around 15-20 minutes. Give her exercise in cycling motion while lying down. Keep her on her tummy( tummy time) for 10-15 minutes a day this will help in strengthening back muscles as well as releive her from gas issues. Talk to her . Play with her she will never cry take care

Hi baby will go through colic pain, make paste out of hing and coconut oil apply on baby's tummy and gently massage. It will help.

Thanks for a great help, some of this are working

Baby gets gas very often the thumb rule is to burp her after every feed
If still it persist start neopeptine 1 ml daily do not worry