Hello All,

Lil one is very active in terms of grasping things.But when it comes to socializing with other persons,he is bit adamant.He doesn't like to visit any relatives/neighbors house.He starts crying his lungs out as soon as we reached someone house.I couldn't able to manage him.He is haply to roam around to nearby temples,parks otherwise.I keep on telling about every situation prior itself about the visit to new place.He nods head and happily hearing everything  at home and nothing is working out at the moment.Feeling embrassed when everyone is seeing me with weird look.How to make things better?please pour your suggestions?

Pranita Gawande Laddha Kamana Gautam

i feel thats very normal because  kids takes their own time to socialise.You cannot force the child to do it.Yoy dont have to be embarassed.Talk to.your child and prepare the child in advance that you are visiting someone's house.Go for playdates where kids can enjoy

hey mama, how old is your baby? I think you need to take him outside more often. Try to plan out some play dates for him with his friends and their families outside (eg. some common play areas in malls).Try to do this with different people Everytime. I think this way, he won't get conscious of going and meeting new people everytime. Later you can plan play dates and social events at home as well

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