Hi. My baby is 4.5 months old. He totally depends on formula feed. I am using bottle to feed him and his bottle's nipple size is small. when will change the nipple size small to large?( I mean at what age)

As advised by BabyChakra expert Sonali Shivlani.

You can change to a medium size nipple now. These will also be a faster flow nipple.

thank you. and when we should change nipple ( I mean afrer how many duration?

avoid nipple/bottle feed, atleast day time u can feed with spoon then start with small cup/glass. once baby turns 6m no bottle feeding. at young age they will adopt soon.only night or while traveling u can use bottle for ur convenience.

he is not taking in glass or spoon. he cries a lot while I feed him with spoon or cup.

bottles and nipples should be changed in the interval of 3-4 months