I am 33 weeks pregnent and my afi is just 4.5 . please suggest me what to do. ? What to do to increase it .

Amniotic Fluid Index: An Important Pregnancy Health Tool

Drink lots of water with other fluids as much as coconut water, lemon juice, fruit juices etc.. take Vegetables like cucumber, lettuce,spinach, radish ,broccoli, and cauliflower...Fruits like strawberries,watermelon, tomatoes,muskmelon, grapefruit..

Thanks for your kind suggestion but will it be cured by all these home ingredients or is it necessary to have 5 doses of astymin through drips?

It's necessary to take the drips as water level is very low. Only liquid intake won't help

Hi Surbhi no home remedies will not help, 4.5 is very low. What did your doctor say?

My doc suggested me these things . will it help me to increase my fluid?

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