From this report how can I know when did I actually get pregnant. This scan taken on October 28 2019 .from this pls help me to find when actually got pregnant

It is after july perioud

After July period how mam .if it is July then my due on apirl but my due on june13

It is always 40 plus minus 2 weeks

Dr. Priyanka Patel
Doctor my pregnancy happen only on September is it right

Here if you see in this report you will see two different dates and that is because one day it is by the last menstrual period which you would have told to the doctor which you are not sure whether or not you have conceived 2nd date that is coming for estimated delivery which is by ultrasound which is one month later so according to this report buy now you you would be having week or few days in delivery

Dr. Priyanka Patel
From this report how can I find when did I actually get pregnant. Is it September itself