Hello Mam,

My wife is 9 weeks pregnant,

I have uploaded her blood report,

There are 4 things which are highlighted,

1) MCH: 24.84pg (27 to 31 Pg)

2) MCHC: 29.16% (32-36%)

3) Total WBC: 11,800/CCM (4000-11,000/CCM)

4) Neutrophils: 73%(52% -70%)

Please guide me on this.

Is there anything to worry about?

Tell me more about any recent infection that could have happened to your wife such as cold and flu

She was suffering from TB since last 7-8 months.
But the course was completed in March, just before the pregnancy.

Then do not worry but also share with me latest two ultrasound and bkood reports that would have been done in a montjs gap