Hello man, I am 23 weeks pregnancy, I have thyroid march month report my tsh level <0.0008.i took 10 mg neo mergazole. 3 time per day, but this month my tag level 11.47 my doctor told to me no need take any medicine for this u will take tsh test after six weeks.u just stopped now mergazole. But I confused man. Pls clarification that mam

It is very important to tell me since how long you're taking mercazole and also talk to your doctor now to start thyroid hormone it is very important

I ve been taking this tablet for the last five month
. Before eatingThree times a day

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So I understand after taking the tablet for few months when you tested it it was 11 sunao don't take it for a month and again take the test we will come to know don't worry there is the confusion because of the medicine but for 1 month if you stop it as a doctor have told you to stop but after one month again repeat the same test

Thank u so much mam